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Tara Lapointe: Spring Sprouts!


In light of the beautiful spring like weather we’ve encountered today in the HRM I’d like to share a post about sprouting!

Why Sprout?

Sprouting is the act of germinating any grain, seed, nut or legume to enhance its nutritive value. It’s an essential part of any diet that is predominant in raw…


Breakfast smoothie= 8 bananas, 15 dates, 2 apples, 1/2 bag of frozen blueberries, Kale and coconut milk. Calorie restriction is for pussies.

Just bought a whole bunch of organic fruits

I made an awesome smoothie using oranges, dates, blueberries and raw flaxseed. It was so good.

Had a few accidents

I am going to get right back on track, I’m going to get more serious. Going to Zehars now with my Skinny Bitch book!!

Terri Leventhal. My inspiration

Terri Leventhal. My inspiration


Vegan is not a diet. I don’t even think it’s a lifestyle. Vegan is a promise. A promise to every animal, every person, every living thing. That I will not place my life above theirs. That they are important to me. And that I will not belittle them. Because they are beautiful, simply for existing.

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